Friday, February 11, 2011

Surgery consult

Here are pictures of the inside and outside of Maryam's jammie shirt. I'm fairly positive that the amount of leaking has increased tremendously. Kind of a bummer. The good news is, its not bothering her very much. She is aware, but she's not complaining. You can see that its leaking enough for the content to actually drip down her shirt. Luckily the stomach content isn't irritating her skin.
Maryam's surgery consult is scheduled for Tuesday morning at CHOC. After that, I assume that she'll be put on the surgery calendar.
We told Maryam that if she was brave and didn't cry at her doctor appointment that we'd take her to Disneyland afterwards. She's really scared. But when I ask her what she's afraid of, she says she's afraid of getting a shot. I've tried assuring her that she won't be getting any shots at the appointment, but she doesn't believe me. I guess those winters of Synagis shots once a month and antibiotic and steroid shots have scarred her mentally. Bummer. Oh well, hopefully one day it will all be behind her.
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