Sunday, March 13, 2011

Feeling better!

After only a few days of antibiotics, Maryam's personality is back! She still has a fever if I don't give her Tylenol or Morton, she still needs a breathing treatment every 4 hours and she's still not eating very well. But! She's acting normal!  She wants to play w/her friends and play outside.  I've been letting her out for short periods of time if she won't run. She got to play w/Anna last night. That made her very happy.
Here are some pictures of Maryam putting lipstick on Anna and Maryam's makeup after Anna was finished with her. They're so cute. The other picture is the inside of M's shirt from yesterday. All the coughing is making her leak more. I'm so glad she'll be getting closed up soon. As you can see, the amount is significantly more than the last picture. I was shocked last night when she got undressed. 

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  1. Glad she is feeling a little better... looks like she is having some fun!