Friday, March 11, 2011

Maryam has pneumonia ...again

Ugh, I don't even want to write about it. I'm very frustrated. I'm aware that there are horrible things going on in the world (Japan, Libya, New Zealand) and there are people, even people I know, with kids much sicker than Maryam, but I'm sad. This is the 2nd time in 3 weeks that Maryam has been diagnosed with pneumonia.  I'm grateful she's at home and not in the hospital. I'm grateful that I know what to look for and when to take her in. I would really just like for her NOT to have pneumonia.
The financial aspect of having a "medically fragile" child and HORRIBLE insurance can't be ignored. It is a major source of stress in my life. Each appointment costs us a minimum of $80. This round of antibiotics cost $68!!!! The albuterol for the nebulizer is only $15 for 25 doses and thankfully Brett's parents paid for it. In the past 3 weeks each child has been to the doctor twice and we've spent $179 on prescriptions. I have no idea what the x-rays from today are going to cost.
The worst part is feeling helpless.  I don't know how to stop a simple childhood cold from turning into life threatening pneumonia.  Last night Maryam woke up from a coughing fit. I tried her rescue inhaler, nothing. I tried the nebulizer, nothing. I was scared. I couldn't help her catch her breath!  Brett and I thought of it at the same time, steam. We turned the shower on as hot as it could go and had her sit down and take deep breaths. It worked! She stopped coughing! We had her sit there for nearly an hour. After that she fell asleep and stayed asleep.
This morning I woke up before Maryam. I was still worried from last night. Its difficult to sleep when you have a sick child. I got up and took her temperature. When I saw she had a fever I decided to take her in. Fever and trouble breathing almost always means pneumonia when it comes to Maryam.
Right now she's laying in bed reading books. She coughs for air when she's due for a breathing treatment.  Her fever is under control because I alternate giving her Tylenol and Motrin.
I am grateful that most of the winter has been kind to her.

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