Thursday, March 31, 2011

Maryam update

As predicted, yesterday evening was brutal. Maryam kept crying and begging for food. She asked for a snack, dinner, breakfast, or specific foods. She cried and cried that her tummy was growling because it needed something to eat.
It took a while but I finally convinced her to eat some chicken broth. That calmed her for an hour or so. After that I sent Brett to the store to buy every flavor of Jello available. We had Maryam try every single flavor until she found one she was willing to finish.  She ended up eating a 70 cal orange Jello cup and 1/3 of a red one too.
After that, the night went smoothly. Maryam was asleep, in her own bed before 10 pm. She slept all night and woke up at 7 am. She remembered that Daddy promised to take her out to breakfast when she woke up, so she woke him up! She said, let's go get me some pancakes! It was adorable. 
For breakfast she ate 2 chocolate chip pancakes! For lunch she ate a big bowl of mac n cheese. For dinner she ate pilaf, a brownie and some Fritos. She's making up for yesterday.
Fortunately she's only mentioned being sore a few times. I've been alternating Morton and Tylenol throughout the day trying to keep the pain away. She's had trouble getting up on the potty, getting on her bed and getting into the car. Of course, she won't say it hurts, she just says, "I need a little help here." My brave little girl makes me so proud.

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