Wednesday, March 30, 2011

She's free!!!

Maryam is free! She's been discharged with instructions for clear liquids until tomorrow morning and no activity for 10 days. What, what, what? No activity for 10 days? Yea, that's going to be a CHALLENGE! 
For right now, our biggest challenge is having to tell our punkin that she can't eat. She's starving and crying that her stomach is growling.  MY BABY, the former non eater, is CRYING for FOOD! Its torture not being able to give it to her. Its going to be a rough night.
In good news, we had a realization.  Every once in a while we're reminded how fortunate we are that our little Maryam is doing so well. We were told several times today that its shocking that she's a 25 weeker because she looks amazing.  We heard 3 times how great she looked from the anesthesiologist. And her nurse Jason must have called her recovery remarkable or extraordinary 5 or 6 times. As soon as her IV was off she was up wanting to play. We are very fortunate that Maryam is who she is. We are very fortunate that Maryam is a fighter and hasn't tired of fighting.  We are very fortunate that she is brave and tough. Mostly we are fortunate that she's our daughter. 

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