Thursday, June 23, 2011

Last Thursday, Disneyland!!!!

I left work early so we could spend our first day of our mini vacation at Disneyland. We spent the first few hours in Fantasyland. We took the kids in Peter Pan, Pinnochio, Snow White and the Carousel.  After that we had dinner with Mommom, Poppop and the Carroll's at Pizza Port. M had 2 helpings of spaghetti! In case you're wondering, they do not refill spaghetti. We had to buy her another dinner. I don't mind though! I would do that every time we went to Disneyland without complaining!
After dinner we all met up with Chrissy and Anna at Its A Small World.  We have to go on that ride because its Jax's favorite!! He sings the whole time, its so sweet. We finished the day at Disneyland with the Haunted Mansion and Pirates! Pirates is my favorite but I rarely ride it because Maryam gets scared. She braved "the big drop" and we all got to enjoy our favorite ride.
Note some of the hats in these pictures! Auntie Brande bought her and Maryam's matching Princess Minnie ears and Poppop bought the flashing fiber optic Mohawks. I bought Jax's baseball hat. It says, Not large, but in charge. True story.

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