Thursday, June 23, 2011

A celebration of Life

Friday was the day the Langdon family bid farewell to their patriarch Howard "Bud" Wilson Langdon Sr. Unfortunately I didn't get to be a part of the memorial service because Jax thought it would be appropriate to use flowers as drum sticks, make 'vroom' sounds while playing with a car and making saliva bubbles to our family in the row behind us. I thought it would be best to remove the giant distraction so the family could mourn, remember and pray in peace. From what I was told, it was beautiful. Brett's cousin Galen sang and the Aunts put together a cool slide show of pictures of Grandpa with all the members of the family.
After the chapel memorial we chartered a boat out of Newport Harbor to spread Grandpa's ashes at sea. (Maryam misunderstood, she thought we were going to "throw Grandpa's rash in the water".)
Here are some pictures of the family on the boat.

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