Monday, June 6, 2011

Sunday afternoon

While Jax was napping Maryam asked if I would take her to a park. I said sure!!! My grand master plan was coming together perfectly! When Jax woke up we headed over to one of the local parks. We were the only people there. It was only 84 degrees outside so I'm not sure what was keeping everyone away! Auntie May May drove by and saw us there so she stopped by to hang out with us. I tried to get a picture of Maryam but she said I couldn't take her picture because she had a runny nose. :-)
After Knots Sky park we headed home to get some water and the kids' bathing suits and towels and headed over to the sprinkler park on the base. Brett works really close to the sprinkler park so he walked over to see the kids play in the water. He had never been there before. The kids lit up when they saw him.
After about an hour at the sprinkler park we walked across the street to Dino Park. The kids love this park because there are lights, so they can play at night and its close to Daddy's work. We stayed and played for nearly an hour. We didn't end up getting home until after 7:30. We left the house originally before 4!
I fed the kids, gave them their baths and again, they were both asleep before 9!!! Yay for Mommy!

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