Monday, July 25, 2011

Tennessee Day 3, Off to Memphis!!!

So, Memphis is about a 4 hour drive from Lebanon. I drove Auntie Karen, Uncle Tom, Auntie Kathy, Eric and my kids in the Suburban. Scott drove his family plus Yaya in his truck.
When we got here we drove by Sun Studios. In case you're not aware, that's where Elvis recorded his first albums of his career. The official birth place of Rock and Roll! After that we headed to Beale St. That was amazing!!! I would definitely like to enjoy that on a Friday or Saturday night without children!!!!
It was so hot that the kids were sweating in no time. Jax and Addison turned beat red. Maryam and Charlie didn't want to walk. I drank my beer in 5 minutes tops! It was hot.  I'm from the desert, trust me, if I think its hot, its hot! We decided to cool off in the Peabody Hotel. The Peabody is a fancy pants hotel. We walked in and Maryam asked if we could go up to our room. Ha! I told her "I wish!"  We did get to cool off and rehydrate.
After that we headed to West Memphis, AR to have dinner at Cracker Barrel, marking off another on my " to do" list. The kids ate well and behaved well. After dinner each kid got to pick out a new toy for the hotel room. Maryam got a Princess Tiana coloring book and Jax got a toy plane. Both kids were asleep by 11:30. :-)

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