Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tennessee Day 4

Memphis, TN and West Memphis, AR are two of the hottest places I have ever been! And as Eric pointed out, the only places we've been where it actually feels hotter when it rains. Crazy.
Monday morning Uncle Scott picked up the kids from our hotel and took them to his cousin's house to go swimming. They swam from before 10am to after 4pm! They took a break to eat and for Jax and Addison to nap, but that's about it!
The rest of us grownups went to Graceland! It was very interesting. I thought it was really, really cool to see how The King lived. I'm not going to lie, it was nice having a few hours without the kids, doing some adult things.
We spent about 4 hours at Graceland. We saw his mansion, car museum, another museum and his planes. Oh and a bazillion gift shops.
When we finished up we headed to Scott's cousins house. We hung out for a while, watched the kids swim and then got ready for dinner and Charlie's 2nd birthday party! We went out to dinner (all 21 of us) to a place called Margaritas! It was good food, fun dancing and great company. We all had fun,the kids behaved and the service was good. Another good day on vacation. :-)
I'll post more pictures from my camera when I get a few minutes at the computer.

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