Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tennessee Day 5

We spent our last day in Memphis on Mud Island and a river boat on the Mississippi River. We took a monorail to mud island and the kids loved it. When we got over there the girls played in a Mississippi river replica. After they got cooled off we headed over to the Memphis Queen River Boat.
The boat trip was an hour and a half and was pretty fun. The kids were able to run around a bit, see the sights, enjoy some snacks and do something different.
After the river boat ride we headed back to Lebanon. We wanted to get back early to do laundry and pack for our next trip. We ended up stopping at McDonald's about 90 miles out and stayed for over an hour. The kids needed a break from the car. We got back to Sarah's after 9. Jax was asleep by 10:30, Maryam stayed up past 1am.
Enjoy the pictures.

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