Thursday, July 28, 2011

Tennessee Day 6

We were only back in Lebanon 12 hours before being back on the road again. This time, we headed east to Gatlinburg. Hello Smokey Mountains!!! We stayed at a hotel in Pigeon Forge because we also wanted to go to Dollywood. Since we pulled into town later than we had planned we decided to save Dollywood for the next day and headed to the mountains.
We drove a beautiful scenic route through the Smokeys and stopped to let the kids do a little hiking. Maryam loves to hike! The whole time we were in the mountains she kept begging to get out and hike. Once we stopped, she ran for it! All of the kids were climbing on rocks, running on the trail and jumping from stone to stone.
After hiking we headed to the town of Gatlinburg for dinner and shopping. We picked a loud restaurant so the kids could get their wiggles out and we wouldn't have to worry about how much noise they would make. Poor kids have been in the car a lot lately! We went to Dick's Last Resort and the kids loved it! We were seated next to a stage and the kids spent much of the night dancing on it. Our waiter made us paper hats and then wrote naughty things on them. He was an amusing guy.
After dinner we went shopping. We hit up a moonshine distillery. That was interesting! After that we hit up an ice cream shop for the kids and a few souvenir shops too.
We had a good day and night.

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