Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Latest trip to Disneyland

Christi and I took Maryam, Jax and Anna to Disneyland on Monday. I had to the day off to drive home from the reunion but we ended up coming home Sunday because Brett's work schedule changed and he had to be back by 4pm to go to work. YIKES. So, we took advantage of my day off and hit our favorite place!! Above is a picture of Jax and I on The Golden Zepher. The kids love this one.
We got to go on the new ride Arial's Under Sea Aventure. It was really neat! We went on it twice and only waited 15 minutes each time.

We walked into Disneyland and Sleeping Beauty was receiving callers so we stopped by! The girls LOVED it. They were so excited! Jax just wanted to sit next to Maryam. He didn't know what the big deal was. He's funny like that.

Here's a picture of the girls sharing a seat in the stroller. As you can see, they were slightly warn out. But they had a great time!
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