Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Maryam's 1st day of preschool

I know that I take a lot of pictures. I simply cannot help it. And yes, I know I post a lot of pictures too, but trust me when I say, I do not post all of them. It took maybe 5 minutes to drop Maryam off and another 5 minutes to pick her up. In those 10 minutes we took 49 pictures!!! So, here we go.

Here is Maryam posing by the sign to her new school. She picked out her new dress at Old Navy and decided she wanted to wear it today for her first day of school.

Jax wanted to wear a backpack light Maryam so we let him. He wanted to go to school too! I had to break the news to him that only Maryam was going to school today. He was a tad bit sad.

Here is Maryam sitting by her cubby. Her name is on it, but its covered by her backpack.

She went straight to playing!!!!

Then I had to call her back to give us all goodbye hugs.

When we left we took Jax next door to the park. He had already started with, "Where Maryam? Where Maryam go?"

When Daddy went to get her Jax ran in to play with her. He's not shy.

Here is Maryam holding up some of her work from her first day.

Here is her cubby.

And here is Sister and Brother leaving. Awww, I just love them.

I have to admit that I was a big fat weenie when it came to dropping her off at school. I'm sure a lot of moms and maybe even some dads get teary eyes when they reach this milestone. I cried like a little baby. What the heck? I guess I'm a bigger weenie than I thought I was! Milestones always remind me of how lucky we are to even have her. They remind me of the obstacles she has overcome. They remind me that she really can do anything. My normal little 4 year old is at normal 4 year old preschool. Amazing.
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