Monday, September 5, 2011

Maryam and Jax are sick

A little back story. August 23 Brett took Maryam to Loma Linda to see her pulmonary doc Dr. F. Brett told her all about last winter and the 5 pneumonias she had. He also told her that Maryam is going to be in preschool 3 days a week for 3 hours a day. So, she prescribed a prophylactic dose of Amoxicillin to help keep her healthy.
Skip to Friday, September 2. Maryam came home from her 3rd day of preschool with a temp of 102.5...good times. Yaya called me home from work to check on her. I stopped and bought a new thermometer and some Tylenol. I knew as soon as I held her hand, she was sick. I called her doc's office and they were 2 minutes from closing their doors until Tuesday. Hooray for holiday weekends!!
I started our typical regiment of alternating Tylenol and Motrin and continued to watch her temperature.  I gave her a warm bath and kept s cold wet towel under her arms and around her neck. By bedtime I had her down to 100.4...Yay!
She woke herself up 5 or 6 times during the night crying. I continued the Tylenol and Motrin and the first part of Saturday wasn't so bad! By Sunday it was bad.
We took her to urgent care when I saw that the back of her throat had puss pockets. We dropped Jax off at Momom and Popop's house first so he could nap. My suspicions were correct, Strep. I felt horrible! The two times I have had Strep I was absolutely miserable. I couldn't believe my little girl had to go through that. We decided to separate the kids to help prevent Jax from contracting it too.  We were too late.
Monday we were back at Urgent Care. After the doc gave Jax a dose of Motrin he threw up EVERYWHERE. I had forgotten that kids barf! (Benefit of M's barfing!) Poor baby covered himself, me and the lobby floor. Gross. Luckily I'm always prepared. I was able to change him before heading into Walmart pharmacy. Unfortunately I didn't have a change of clothes for me. I bought a dress at walmart and gave myself a Huggies baby wipes bath.
Since both kids were infected we put them back together. Brett and I have been taking turns all night getting up. He gets home after 1am so I have them until then. He usually stays up until 3 or so, so he has them then. After that we just take turns. Thankfully he's very helpful.
Today Maryam is doing better. I found a kid Chlorosceptic spray and after I spray her she can eat. Last night was the first time she ate since Friday morning.
Hopefully tomorrow Jax will start eating again. He's so sad. He cries, opens his mouth very wide, points to the back of his throat (practically gags himself), and says "froat hurt mommy." It breaks my heart. I'm going back to work tomorrow. Brett is off and they're both feeling much better.

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