Monday, October 24, 2011

Maryam is playing soccer!!!

Here is Maryam at the only practice I've been to since she started playing. Unfortunately her practice is at 5 and I don't get off until 6. It sucks for me, but they have to practice while its still sunny out.

Maryam's first game. Here she is with Momom before the game.

Huddling up before playing.

Standing around getting ready to kick off.

Running after the ball.

Maryam and Yaya after the game.

Jax and Maryam after the game. Jax has her snacks.

So because she is in the 4 and 5 year old league they don't keep any statistics. We're not supposed to know how many goals are scored, how many assists there are, how many blocked goals there are, none of it. Of course, that doesn't stop the dads on the sideline. After Maryam's last game, Brett turned to me and said, Maryam had 4 saves! I looked at him shocked! Then he said, we've won every game so far. Ha! Dads...
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