Monday, November 7, 2011

CHOC Feeding Clinic Reunion

Saturday we took Maryam to the inaugural Feeding Clinic Reunion. It was so fun to see her doctor, nurse, therapists, psychologist and social worker that helped Maryam become the eater she is today. There were many families there, many other preemies too! There were games, food, prizes and lots of pictures.
Lee, the social worker, told us that the hospital has given the team more funding! There are now 2 teams of therapists and they see two patients at a time! That's GREAT NEWS! Before they were only able to see 8 or 9 patients a year. Now they're going to have 2 patients year around! So far there have been 60 children go through their impatient clinic!
One of her therapists told us that Maryam is still the youngest child to go through the program. She said that there have been a few that were around the same age but they weren't as mature and didn't do as well. Proud Mommy moment there. :-)
Here are some pictures for the day. Enjoy!

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