Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine Day

Brett and I woke the children up at 7 and were out the door by 7:30 on the way to DISNEYLAND!!!!! It was RAD! We let Jax pick all the rides. He got a kick out of it. We just kept asking him what ride he wanted to go on and he'd answer with delight!
We went on a bunch of rides that we don't usually go on! It was fun! We spent pretty much all day in Tomorrow Land. We started on the Astro Orbiters, then on to Buzz, next the Monorail, after that Innovations, Nemo then lunch. After lunch we hit up It's a Small World then ended the day at Winnie the Pooh. We had a really great day. Both children behaved really well and the park wasn't crowded.
We did confirm that poor little Jax gets car sick. :( Poor baby threw up all over himself minutes before we pulled into the Disneyland parking lot. :( We found a few common circumstances between today and the zoo trip last month. On both trips Jax drank a cup of milk in the car. In both trips we had the DVD player on. In both trips he was wearing a sweatshirt. Most research shows if you're prone to being carsick do not read, play hand held video games or watch movies. So, I'm taking away the DVD player, his Leapfrog Story Book and his books. The research also says to not eat or drink anything heavy in the car or right before getting into the car. So, no more milk in the car and I'm going to have him wait an hour after drinking his milk before we go anywhere. And lastly I'm going to dress him in lighter clothes because heat can bring on carsickness too.
Wish us luck!!!

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