Thursday, March 1, 2012

A chill day

Today M woke up with a 102 fever. So, after some TLC and a Motrin and Tylenol regimen she was fine by late morning. She was up EARLY! Both kids were up at 7! Yikes. I'm guessing her being sick was why she couldn't sleep.
Well today Uncle Tom and Auntie Karen took us to this super cute and VERY delicious cafe called Jantz. It was YUMMY! Jax behaved very well. I was so proud of him! He was not his typical nightmare that he normally is when he's in a restaurant. It was great!
I cannot say the same for dinner! We drove to Visalia to have dinner with Brian and Melinda. It was fun for the most part. Maryam ate really well! She ate over half of her spaghetti and a whole breadstick!!! She rarely eats bread, so it's a pretty big deal! Jax didn't eat but instead acted like a 2 year old boy. :) I love him but he can be difficult. Good thing he's ADORABLE!

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