Friday, April 6, 2012


We went to Disneyland twice in one week!!! We went Tuesday March 27 and Thursday March 29th. To top it off Yaya finally came home AND we got to spend time with some of my favorite cousins! Who am I kidding? I LOVE all of my cousins. I was thinking about that on the way home after our 2nd day at Dland with them. I love all of my cousins! I'm so lucky! I cannot wait to see them all again on the 21st!!!!
Tuesday we met up at Dland with my cousins Renee, Chris, Dominic, Britani and Avery. They were fun. Maryam LOVES Britani! She wanted to ride all of the rides with her. Both Britani and Dominic were wonderful with my little munchkins.
Thursday we hung out with those cousins and added 5 more! We met up with Marietta, Ken, Kayle, Alisa and Adriana. It was great!!! My kids took to Kayle and Alisa like they were old buddies! Too cute.

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