Tuesday, May 1, 2012

April 30

April 30 is one of the many dates we celebrate in our little family. It's not a birthday or holiday or wedding anniversary, but to us, it's just as important. April 30, 2007 is the day our little Maryam was discharged from the NICU!
I was really pulling for April 30 because I wanted May to be all ours. I wanted to start over. I got my wish! 20 weeks and 3 days after she was born, 5 weeks passed her due date and she was finally strong enough to go home.
We were so scared! Brett made spread sheets to keep track of her meds, feedings, (both tube and oral) oxygen tank replacements, DME orders, diaper changes, and doc/therapy appointments.
But we did it! I had calendars for appointments and scheduled refills of meds and supplies. I learned how to take her to the doc with an oxygen tank on my back and an IV pole in my hand. I learned that people were going to stare and say wildly inappropriate things.
All those lessons made me the mother I am today. All those pains and struggles and fights made Maryam the girl she is today. She may not remember her battles, but she doesn't have to. She won the war. Look at her now, she is amazing.

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