Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Doctor visit

A week or so ago I found a lump on Maryam's arm. I took her in to have it looked at. Turns out to be a lipoma. A lipoma is a benign fatty tumor. Ugh. I hate the word tumor. According to the doc, we'll watch it. If it gets too much bigger or uncomfortable or painful, we can have it removed. Yay.
Jax was also seen today. The past weekend my poor little baby boy was in a lot of pain. He doubled over crying that his belly hurt a few times a day. It sucked. The doc thinks he's either lactose intolerant or has Celiac Disease. Well, I'm not convinced its either! So here's the plan.
Starting today he wanted us to cut out all dairy. I'm going to keep track of everything going in and coming out and any belly aches he may have in between. If the belly aches persist after a week, we're supposed to cut out all Gluten for a week. If that helps the doc will do a Celiac screen, if it doesn't work he's going to order an ultrasound of Jax's stomach and intestines. If the ultrasound is inconclusive we're off to a GI doc. I'm hoping it doesn't come down to that. I'm all for eliminating specialists over time, not adding new ones!
I read up on Lactose intolerance today and it doesn't really sound like what Jax is going through. The literature said tummy cramps usually come 30 minutes to 2 hours after consuming dairy. Jax's pains today came 5 hours after dairy. I read up on Celiac Disease and that seems closer, but still not it. It's all very confusing.
So, when I know more, I'll post.

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