Friday, May 25, 2012

A day in our life

The kids hopped into our bed, like they do every morning. Maryam started to reading to Jax. I jumped up and took a picture. How could I not? It's awesome when your preschooler starts reading to her younger brother. It's a pretty great milestone!
After breakfast we headed out to water the trees. I'm happy to report my pomegranate tree has 4 pomegranates growing on it!! Hooray!
I made Maryam's teacher gifts. I made white chocolate covered popcorn mixed with M & M's. Big hit!
Later we went swimming. After swimming I made the kids their dinner. Once I had them seated for dinner I got ready for my jog. Jax pitched a fit, same fit he has everyday when I go exercising. He always wants to come with me! So I bagged up his dinner and he ate on the run, literally. He's very attached to mama. Mornings are difficult when I go to Pilates and yoga because I can't take him with me. He gets so sad! Thankfully it's only twice a week.

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