Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Feeling better

The sickie germs that Jax had has managed to make the rounds. I was down for the count all day Mother's day! I did manage to get up to have breakfast with my kids and then a tea party!
Our wonderful weekend plans were ruined by Brett throwing out his back and then by me getting sick. We were supposed to go up the Palm Springs Tram Saturday then to Disneyland Sunday. We didn't do either. :-(
But good news is the kids are feeling better, I'm feeling better, Brett's back is better and life is returning to normal. We've started trying to reintroduce dairy to Jax but it's been less than successful. He complains of a belly ache every time he has the smallest amounts of dairy. We just find it hard to believe that it happened so quick and so intense. Oh well!

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