Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lactose Test

Over the weekend Jax had been running a low grade fever.  Tuesday morning he woke up at 4 am with a fever of 103.9.  Of course I freaked out.  I hate anything over 103.  I dosed him with Tylenol and Motrin and put a cold compress on his head.  I got him down to 99 and by 6 he was back to sleep.  I took him to the doctor at 1:30 and he said its just a sore throat and the fever should be gone in 3 to 5 days.  ugh.  So, later that day it spiked again to 104.3.  Of course I freaked out AGAIN.  I laid with him in his little toddler bed until he started talking and moving around again. This time I dosed him, put a cold compress on his head and then gave him a cool bath until he got down under 100.  It sucked.  Poor baby.
Thankfully it hasn't been up that high since Tuesday.  Its been hovering around 99.5-100.5, which is OK.  I've been giving him Motrin around the clock so he isn't uncomfortable.  Fortunately he doesn't get drowsy from Motrin so it hasn't affected his activity level!
On another note, the doc said to slowly introduce dairy to Jax.  So, last night we took the kids to get ice cream.  He had been asking to go to the "ice cream shop" for days.  He wanted a chocolate cone.  He had maybe 1/3 of a small chocolate cone.  Sadly, last night and this morning he had a belly ache.  Ugh.  Sounds like this lactose thing is a little more serious than we thought.  It was such a minimal amount!
Today I took the children to Chuck E Cheese because they had been asking to go.  He had one piece of pizza.  We'll see how he does tonight and tomorrow.  The only dairy he's had since last night was that single slice of pizza.  Hopefully he doesn't have a belly ache.  Only time will tell. 

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