Saturday, May 5, 2012

Lactose Free, Day 5

Nap time has not gotten any easier, neither has bed time, for that matter. But, Jax's belly aches have stopped! He did have some diarrhea yesterday, which was weird. I didn't screw up yesterday or today. He hasn't had any lactose at all, none.
It's been a challenge for all of us but we're doing it! He misses milk and asks for it a few times a day. But he's starting to understand that there are certain foods he cannot eat. I explain that there is milk in it and then he says ok and talks about how milk makes his belly ache. It sucks, but he understands.
Maryam is being a great big sister! She's being supportive. It's pretty great! I'm very proud of her.
Last night Maryam sat down and read a book from cover to cover. A book she had never seen. We have never read it to her. Being a parent is many things and one of those things is getting to see your baby turn into a child. Watching that child grow and learn is pretty amazing. Everyday I'm a little more proud of and surprised by what they can do. I'm so lucky to know these guys and even luckier to be the person they call Mommy.

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