Tuesday, May 1, 2012

San Diego

We took Jax to San Diego last Monday for another urology appointment. He had an ultrasound before seeing the doc. The ultrasound showed that Jax's kidney is exactly how it should look after having the surgical repair that he had a few years ago! That's great news! The bad news is we still have no idea what's causing him so much pain.
After his appointment we went out to lunch with Brett's friend from college. It was nice seeing him again. It had been a while! After lunch we took the trolley down to Sea Port Village for a snack and shopping. The kids LOVED it!!! After that we headed to see our friends Mike and Jen. Jen is a NICU nurse at the hospital both kids were born.
We're so lucky! We have some really great friends. We got to see Kyle and Jen and Mike all in one day. The kids were great all day. The weather was nice and cool. It was a wonderful, wonderful day.

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