Thursday, June 7, 2012

Graduation decorations

Mommy volunteered to help set up and decorate for Maryam's preschool graduation.  I try to volunteer for stuff with her school as frequently as I can.  I've gone to the school to help with crafts, I often brought baked goods for snack time and I always contributed food for their feasts and special occasions.  So, this was my last chance to help out her school. 
Three other moms helped us decorate the MPR.  We hung up the children's art work from the year all over the place.  It was SO cute!  After the ceremony we all walked around looking at the art and finding the art with our child's name on it so we can take it home.  I have kept every single piece of Maryam's school work from this year.  Maybe a little overboard, but she's only in preschool once!
Well helping decorate definitely paid off!  I got reserved seats in the front row! Woohoo!  Brett took video while I snapped pictures. It was so much fun to watch! 


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