Thursday, September 27, 2012

Craft projects

So, I've been doing a few projects around the house. Nothing major, just a few things here and there between housework and children.
I had some left over spray paint from Jax's birthday party so I decided to use it on some of the faded outdoor backyard decorations.
I also started decorating for Fall and Halloween. Jax is VERY excited for Halloween. Everyday when he wakes up he asks if today is Halloween. Ha! Too cute. So little by little, between the 3 kids, school, parks and soccer, I try decorating a little bit more of the house.
I also resurfaced the children's craft table. I changed it from being a dry wipe table to a chalkboard table. They LOVE it. Honestly, they use it more for breakfast, lunch and snacks than for actually crafting, but they do really love it. Jax asks me to set it up outside so he can chalk on it outdoors.

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