Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Kindergarten update

Maryam started out the school year in a Kinder-1st grade combo class. After the 10 day count and a week to hire a new teacher, Maryam was placed in an all Kinder class. Her new teacher is Armenian! Her name is Miss Margosian. She's very nice. Maryam likes her but also really liked her last teacher too.
Maryam did really well in her kindergarten assessment. She was selected for a Kindergarten Enrichment program. Two days a week she stays late and gets to participate in fun kindergarten activities. There are only 12 students in the program, there are over 100 kindergartners in her school. Because the class size for Enrichment is so small, she gets to spend time in the computer lab and play fun games like BINGO! She really likes her long days. She always has a lot to say at the end of those days.
Maryam is still struggling with lunch. She picks what she wants to take for lunch everyday. Most days she brings the majority of her lunch home with her. I have her sit down and finish her lunch before she runs off to play.
As far as homework goes, I limit her to about 15 minutes a night. The crazy thing is, she can finish almost her whole week of homework in one night! So I've changed her homework plan. Instead of limiting her time, I count out the pages of homework and have her do a few pages a night. She loves reading! She reads 15 minutes every night. She would rather read to me than have me read to her. That's pretty cool.
Maryam has received 2 awards since she started school! She got a Star Student Award and a TRRFCC Award for being responsible and showing respect. I'm so proud of The Punkin.

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