Tuesday, February 12, 2013

One on one time

Starting this week I'm cutting back on babysitting Baby Brookie. Instead of having her Monday-Friday, I'll only have her Wednesday-Friday. We're transitioning her to her new babysitter and giving me time to pack and have some much needed Mommy and Jax time. Jax has been having a rough fine since Brett left. He's extra needy plus he's been having those tummy aches.
Today after we dropped Maryam off at school we had breakfast at Starbucks with my friend Sara and her husband. After that we spent almost 2 hours at a park! He had so much fun, he's so cute. After the park we went to the archeological and paleontology building. Jax told the curator all about dinosaurs. Mr. Nick really seemed to enjoy Jax. He was shocked by his knowledge of fossils, dinosaurs and rocks. Jax didn't stop talking except to let Mr. Nick get his two cents in every once in a while.
Mr. Nick showed Jax a 2 million year old tortes foot fossil, a shell fossil, a sloth jaw fossil and a mammoth foot fossil. Jax took that opportunity to tell Mr. Nick all about Manny and Sid from Ice Age, Dawn of the Dinosaurs. Hilarious.
After that little lesson, Jax asked me to draw him a dinosaur. I'm not an artist, he didn't believe me. ;)

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