Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Maryam decided to take up skateboarding! I'm so excited! I used to love skateboarding as a child. My dad and his friends built us a 6 foot tall quarter pipe in my backyard. It was awesome! My siblings and I used it everyday! So when Maryam said, Hey Mommy, can you teach me how to skateboard? I said, Heck ya! Lets go!
We went out back, found an old skateboard and got started! Our major flaw in our plan was trying to use an old skateboard. I have no idea how old it is, it wasn't the right size for her and it didn't work very well at all.
Personally, I think Maryam did a GREAT job for her first time on a board. She disagreed. She tends to be pretty hard on herself. She got angry that she didn't pick it up right away. She fell and got back up again each time getting angrier at herself and the board. Finally she said, this skateboard sucks! Mommy, can you get me a new skateboard, maybe a girlie one?
The next day I found a new skateboard for her and yes, it's a girlie one. It says "Girls Rule" on it, it's pink and black and came with a helmet that says "Girls Rule" on it as well. :) After school on Monday she tried out her new board. I think she thought she was going to be an expert skateboarder because she got a new skateboard! Unfortunately she was not, which of course made her very upset. Each time she tried, she'd fall down, cry a little and try again. Pretty much every video I got is of her trying, falling, trying again, all while crying. I kept telling her to take a break, chill for a few minutes and then try again. But nope! She just kept doing it over and over again. Crying the whole time. :( Finally I convinced her to take a break, watch the videos and try again the next day.
Once Maryam went inside, Jax gave it a whirl. Jax did amazingly well. I totally underestimated his coordination. He had so much fun too!!
I'm so proud of my children, I love them.

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