Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Life in TN

The first week we were here was fun. Sarah had the week off so we were able to hang out a lot. We took the kids out to lunch, bowling, drove around to see our new surroundings and let the kids play and familiarize themselves with each other.
This week Maryam started her new school. She and Charlie aren't in the same class. Maryam's first day was rough. She cried a lot. She wasn't familiar with the way they do things. Everything is different. New city, new house, new school, new people, new teacher, new accents, and new weather. Her first two days of school were snowy!
Addison and Jax play well together throughout the day. I'm the baby sitter. Things get a tad challenging after I pick up the big girls. But so far, so good. I think once the weather starts to warm up, (it's been in the 20's for days) and they can play outside again, things will be great!

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