Monday, March 25, 2013

Our trip to TN

We were supposed to leave home by noon for our 2 hour car ride to OC, to catch a 4:40 flight to Phoenix. Our flight out of Phoenix was supposed to depart at 6:15 to TN. I got a text message at 6:18am that our 4:40 flight out of OC had been delayed 40 minutes. I called the airline to find out what the plan was since we'd be missing our connection. The nice lady assured me that they would hold the plane because it was the last flight out of Phoenix to TN for the day.
About 2 hours later I got another text telling me that my 4:40 flight had been delayed until 6:30! Holy cow! I called the airline again to find out what the new plan was. I was given 3 options and only one of them seemed to make sense! So, with our new plan we ended up leaving the house 3 hours earlier! I was running around like a CRAZY person! I had 30 minutes to finish packing, dress and medicate the children and get on the road. Thankfully my Inlaws were super helpful loading up the car seats, luggage, and kids. It was NUTS!
Once we got to OC, curb checked our luggage and car seats, I felt loads better. I really am a terrible traveler. Something always goes wrong. Lucky for us, all the wrong happened early in our day. Except for Jax spilling a drink on himself, the iPad, Maryam, me, and his seat and the HORRIBLE flight attendant who refused to help me. All I asked her to do was hold the rest of the drink so I could change his pants and clean up the seat. She refused siting some stupid rule about not being able to take a cup w/o having a trash bag in hand. I wanted to throw the rest of the drink at her, at that point I was more than a little overwhelmed and a lot covered in Sprite.
Enjoy our travel photos!

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