Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Kindergarten Graduation

4 years to the day from when Maryam graduated CHOC feeding clinic, she graduated kindergarten!!!! Hooray! We are very proud of all of her accomplishments. We know that most parents are proud of all of their children's milestones, we also know that not all children get to meet their milestones. We will always be grateful when Maryam meets a milestone and accomplishes something great. 
Maryam thrived in school. She met and exceeded all of the academic standards for kindergarten. I know all parents worry about their child struggling in school, but when you're told from the beginning that everything is going to be a struggle, you worry a little more. 
Here are some pictures from her "Kindergarten Celebration".  Brett will post video to the blog later today or later in the week. Enjoy!

Maryam & Charlie our Kindergarten graduates
Our little family
Maryam & her teacher Mrs. Vanatta
Maryam twirling her way back to her seat after collecting her diploma
Maryam, Mommy, & Jax
Maryam & Mommy
Jax & Addison
Maryam & Jax, he's so proud of his big sissy!
Love, simple love

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