Sunday, June 2, 2013

Pool time

Our park has this cool little pool w/sprinklers built into it. It opened up on Memorial Day weekend. Sarah and I took them on that Sunday, then I took them almost everyday last week! We only go for about an hour and I vary the time so they see different people when they go. 
It's an easy place for me to take all four. I've set a few rules like they must always stay together. No one can be by them self. No running, or jumping in, even though the lifeguard doesn't seem to care. So far, all four of them have been model citizens!

My babies
Cousins posing and playing

Jax breaking the rules ;)
Charlie swimming
Watching Charlie swim
Jax and Addison playing
Charlie splashing Maryam
Charlie and Maryam having a talk. I sure wish I knew what they were saying, looks serious! 
Posing in their coordinating bathingsuits!

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