Saturday, July 6, 2013

Pinterest Boards to curb being bored

The big girls had Junior Ranger Camp and Auntie Jennifer/Mommy had only 2 kids for four hours in the morning! I got creative and hit up my Pinterist boards! 
On Monday I made Cloud Dough which is 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of baby oil and INFINITE fun!!! I highly recommend this activity. The 3 year olds enjoyed it immensely then when the 6 year olds got home, they enjoyed it too! 
Addison holding up her "snow ball".
Jax holding up his.
Check out the mess! I HIGHLY recommend doing this outside. 
My Jax. 

Shaving cream on the kid table. This wasn't a Pinterest idea, it came straight from the mind of the kids. $.97 for an hour or so of entertainment! 
It was a bit messy, but it cleaned up quick & easy. 
Look how much fun they had!

Hair chalk on the babies! Yaya sent us some hair chalk so I put it on the little ones one day while the big girls were at Ranger Camp. 

Addison got pink & Jax got orange
Summer snow, at least that's what Pinterest claimed. 
Apparently all you're supposed to do is freeze some shaving cream and voila, fun. Not. So. Much. The kids hated it. So, we moved on. 
Kool Aid paint. I froze some Kool Aid, bought a huge pad of paper, took them outside, and boom! Fun. 

I'm not going to lie, it was messy & sticky. And who can resist the yummy smell? Not Jax or Addison, they ultimately ended up eating theirs. ;)

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