Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ranger Camp

Maryam & Charlie had Junior Ranger Camp at the Cedars of Lebanon, Tennessee State Park. They went Monday-Thursday from 8:00am-12:00pm then on Friday night for an awards ceremony & camp fire. They had loads of fun! They went hiking, went down into a cave, learned about emergency training, had a swim day, made paper from leaves, made walking sticks, went birding, and looked for butterflies. 
Day one
Day 3
Day 4
The group photos came from the Cedars of Lebanon Facebook page. No, I didn't stay all day at camp with her. I wanted to! But I had Jax & Addison to take care of. (Maryam is top middle above, Charlie is toward the right)
The kids with the walking sticks they Made. 
(Maryam is on the right)
Maryam and Charlie are in the center for this one.
Maryam is the one in the pink hat & backpack. 
Maryam is in the center up a ways. Pink hat. 
Maryam is down front on the left. Charlie is in the center. 
Maryam is on the left side in the pink hat. Charlie is in the center. 
Here are the girls before the awards ceremony started. 
Here are the girls taking their Ranger oath. 
Maryam being pinned. 

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