Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Road Trip Day 2

We woke up early enough and headed South to TN. Poor Jax ended up getting sick. :(( A vomiting 3 year old is the last thing you want to have on a 5 day road trip!! Sadly, he started about 2 hours in. We had a 8 hour drive that day. Yikes. By the time we made it to Memphis poor Jax was empty. So, we decided to change our root. We still went on to Little Rock, but changed our plans from heading to San Antonio after that, to just going West to Amarillo, TX. 
So, we had to spend an hour and a half in Memphis, TN at a McDonald's trying to cancel & book hotel reservations. It was nuts!!!! But they had free WiFi! Ha!
By the time we made it to Little Rock, we had been in the car for about 10 hours. BRUTAL. 
The kids wanted to swim, so we let them for a bit. After that we had dinner.  We had to start early again the next morning so we stocked up on meds at the nearest drug store and hit the hay. 

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