Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Weekend in OC

The Monday after we moved back we went to Brett's grandfather's memorial service. It was very sad & moving. It was nice getting to see all of his cousins & aunts & uncles though. We made the most of it too.
We went to Orange County on Sunday and spent the evening on Balboa Peninsula. We all had fun! We walked around, ate dinner on the pier, hung out with some of Brett' cousins and aunt from VA, & even rode the Ferris wheel. We were there with Brett's parents & his sister & her kids.
On Monday we went to the memorial & then had a big family lunch afterwards. It was fun hearing the stories of Gramps and catching up with family we hadn't seen in a while.
After the lunch a bunch of us went to Knott's Berry Farm! I hadn't been there in a few years. The kids didn't even really remember ever having been there before! So that was fun! Momom & I took my little kids around to all the kid rides while Brande, the boys, & the rest of the grownups hit all the big kid rides! Brett didn't come with us to Knott's because he had to get to AZ for work.
On Tuesday the kids & I got up and headed to the beach!!! We sure missed the beach! After the kids were demolished by a wave we had lunch with my super rad friend, Jen. It was fun catching up with her. After lunch we made the trek home to 29 Palms. As we pulled into town Jax asked, "is this home?" Maryam responded with, "Yes Jax. 29 Palms is home, not TN." It cracked me up!

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