Thursday, December 26, 2013


Jax is a typical 4 year old boy. He's cuddly one minute and jumping off of the top bunk and hitting his head on the dome light and ending up in the ER, the next. That really happened, by the way. :)
He's my little buddy and we spend most days together making crafts, baking, playing games, playing with his cars or dinosaurs, or riding bikes. He keeps me busy all day and into the night! 
I took him out of preschool because it was costing us too much money. I missed our time together. We still have a few days apart a week though. On Monday I volunteer in Maryam's class and I substitute teach at least one other day a week. We're making it work and I'm glad to be working again. 
Here are some of my favorite pictures of Bubby. 
Jax loves art. He loves painting, coloring, & drawing. 
He thought Mr. B's bed needed decorations too! :) Sweet boy. 

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