Thursday, December 26, 2013


Maryam is having a rough winter! She's had Strep, scarlet fever, RSV, bronchialitis, & CLD flare ups.  She missed the whole last week of school because she couldn't breathe! I took her into the doc's office on Monday and he said she had a cold and a tummy bug. I told him, Maryam has never had a cold, it always turns into something else! By Wednesday it was bronchialitis and RSV needing breathing treatments every 3 hours and a strong antibiotic to help her fight of pneumonia. Good times.
Poor Punkin missed the most fun week of school! Lame. No Christmas concert or crafts. I did crafts with her at home, and she and Jax had fun, but it's not the same. 
But in good news, Maryam had a great parent/teacher conference the week before! She's the fastest reader in her class and she's the only one who scored 100% on some of the benchmark tests. Yay Maryam! Her teacher loves her and told me that she's a delightful young lady. She said if she had 22 more Maryams her job would be so easy. :) It was all really nice to hear. Everyone loves our little Maryam! 
At the doc on Monday. 
Wednesday appointment. 
Maryam with her Student of the Month Award. Yay Maryam!
Last Friday she and I went to see The Nutcracker Ballet! I was so glad she was feeling better. Brett had bought us the tickets for my birthday and we had been looking forward to it since! 
She's adorable!
Waiting for the show to start! She loves the Sugarplum Fairy. :)
Punkin & I all dressed up for the ballet. 
The ballet with Maryam is amazing. She's so well behaved and has amazing manners. She is a pleasure to spend time with. I love her!

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