Saturday, December 10, 2011

Maryam's Rapunzel Birthday Party, Part 1, the birthday cake

Brett wanted to make Maryam's birthday cake look like Rapunzel's tower. At the very least, he wanted it to look as if the cake was inspired by Rapunzel's tower. He started building and decided that he needed "more cakes."

He went front 8 cakes to 11 cakes. And I'm pretty sure he would have gone up to 14 cakes if he didn't have to be at work by 5am!

My cousin Eric was joking about all of the tools involved in making this cake. There were 5 wooden dowels, a cake saw, a wood saw, and a drill. I'm not entirely sure that was it, but I know I saw all of those. ;-)

Brett couldn't figure out what to use to make the steeple and I suggested a party hat, which we didn't have. So, what's the next best thing....? Yes, a funnel! Ha! Hey, it worked!

By 2am, the cake was finished! Poor Daddy only got 2 hours of sleep last night! But he will do anything for his daughter. (And we don't call him Bretty Crocker for nothing!)
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