Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rapunzel Birthday Party Part 2, The decorations

This 22 foot braid took me a cool hour and a half to create. I was at my wit's end by the time I finished. "Tangled" took on a whole new meaning for me by the time I was through. SERIOUSLY. I was running up and down the hallway cutting yarn. Maryam tried to help and Jax, well Jax is Jax. I ended up finally finishing it when Yaya got home. She was able to keep a hold of the end while I tried braiding 22 feet of yarn.

Here is the table of food. I thought it would be cute to serve all the food in skillets! If you've seen the movie, you know that Rapunzel's weapon of choice is a frying pan! So, I took it and ran with it! Fun, right?

In the picture above and below you can see the braid winding through the house. It starts outside (I forgot to take a picture of the door) and then ends up right above this "WANTED" poster of Flynn. I thought it was really cute and totally forgive the yarn for nearly causing me to have a panic attack.

The flags! My goodness! I made all of these flags and strung them up. First I hand drew the sun. I made it WAY too big though. So I shrunk it by 50%, put 4 on a page and copied it on to yellow paper. The cutting part is what took forever. Fortunately Brett has coworkers that can be paid with fudge and they were generous enough to cut the majority of the suns out for me. The pink flags spell out "Happy Birthday Maryam". That was a last minute idea. By last minute, I mean I started it at 3:15 and the party started at 4. Lame, I know. My hair and makeup suffered for the banner. You'll see in my next post what I mean.

I couldn't find favor bags so I got creative and made my own. The only thing left in the store of "Tangled" theme party stuff was stickers. So, I bought a package of stickers and decorated favor bags and cups! I couldn't find cups either, but I made due. As for the Pascal party blowers, I found this idea on the Disney website! They had a template that I didn't bother to download because it was just too easy to waste the ink. They're made from craft foam, glue gun, circle hole puncher, a Sharpie and party blowers.....easy peasy.
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