Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Rapunzel Birthday party, part 3

The Presents!!!! Maryam got lots and lots of Disney Princess toys, Tinkerbel toys, clothes and games!! This was the first time she has ever been excited about opening presents. She tore off the wrapping paper with gusto! So much gusto that you didn't want to be too close because you might get hit!

Maryam also LOVED all of her cards! Especially the cards that had music come out of them. She got a card from Anna, her BFF, that had a sock puppet in it! How great is that?

She squealed with delight when she opened the fairy collection that Auntie Karen and Uncle Tom got her.

This card has a bedroom door hangar in it.

Her Lalaloopsy doll from Mommy and Daddy.

The sock puppet! Ha!

Her first scrapbook kit! I can't wait to sit down and make a few pages with her! This one came from Auntie Brande and Uncle JJ.

She had a GREAT time opening all of her gifts!
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