Friday, March 23, 2012

Another Jax Update

So, the urologist isn't sure the pain Jax is experiencing is his kidney.  He said that its quite difficult comparing an ultrasound to a CT scan. He said that it would be much better to compare apples to apples.  We have another appointment April 23rd for an ultrasound and follow up appointment with Dr. Alagiri.  He did say that its unusual after 2 years for a new blockage to occur.  However, he did say that the area of pain that Jax keeps pointing to is exact.  He also said that if Jax continues to experience pain he'll order the renal scan just to be 100% certain. 
He asked us about Jax's pain.  He asked us if Jax was in pain before the kidney surgery and we both answered with an emphatic yes!  Everyone who knew him before the surgery knows that Jax came out of surgery a completely different baby from when he went in.  It was nuts.  You know that saying, like night and day? That was Jax.  He went from crying and screaming all the time to being a normal baby who only cried when he was tired, hungry or needed a diaper change. 
Jax has only complained about pain once since the appointment and that was this morning.  He didn't double over and cry like the last time he had the pain.  But he was pointing to the exact same place and wanted me to hold him as he worked through it.  Its pretty heart breaking.  :(

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