Wednesday, November 2, 2011

For my daughter

On April 30, 2008 we celebrated Maryam's one year anniversary of being a NICU graduate. As time passes, I don't find celebrating that day as important as it once was to me. That date isn't any less important, honestly I feel its equally important to her birthday. I have worked hard to make her birthday a happy occasion. For the first few yearsof Maryam's life her birthday was a sad day for me. (Birth Story Part 1, Birth Story Part 2, Birth Story Part 3) The day she was born was the most traumatic day of my life, so I had trouble finding the good in it. As time passes her birthday is easier to celebrate and her NICU graduation date has become easier to forget!

On the anniversary of her graduation I wrote my daughter a poem. Here it is...

One year ago we brought you home
So afraid, so much unknown
A list of meds 10 items long
Wondering what to do if something went wrong
You had been in that home since December
You were so weak and small, we don’t want to remember
Celebrating each new day
We wanted you home with us to stay
When that day came, with it came fear
Wondering what would come in the following year
You had already been through more than your share
We didn’t know how much more you could bear
Two surgeries under your belt
We wondered how much pain you felt
You had started to eat and gained some weight
You were growing at a steady rate
Your due date passed like any other day
You were still on steroids; we knew there was no way
You weren’t ready and neither were we
It was still going to be a while, we’d have to wait and see
Five months passed by so very slow
When finally the day came when it was time to go
The doctors and nurses were happy to see
That Mommy, Daddy and Baby finally made three

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